Book Review: The First 90 Days

Joining a new company is akin to an organ transplant—and you’re the new organ. If you’re not thoughtful in adapting to the new situation, you could end up being attacked by the organizational immune system and rejected. —M. Watkins

Come on friends, don’t hate on this one, it’s full of substance, fantastic table summaries, and easy to follow chapter summaries. I mean, you could actually take a recent graduate and give him or her nothing but the tables, summaries, and key questions, and you could have a better quality leader than I’ve had most of my life in Fortune 500 companies.

This is a great book to have on hand if for nothing else than the clear reminders and call to actions to make yourself a relevant and relatable leader in your chosen field. In my experience few companies offer leadership development or training for entry level leaders. If you find yourself in this predicament use this book as a reference point. It may sound like common sense to some, but under pressure I’ve seen many leaders overlook, skip, or ignore the basics and hinder both personal and team performance as a result.

Friendly Tip: I’ve yet to find a text from HBR Press that did offer at a minimum a Return on your Investment at least equal to the cost of the book purchased. Proof of point-I own this one in paper and on the Kindle so I can loan it to those in need and always have a copy on hand when I pursue a career transition.

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