A millennial perspective

There is always plenty of capital for those who can create practical plans for using it. —Napoleon Hill

I think that’s an important lesson hidden here that we either overlook or sometimes forget. It’s so easy to fall into the common trap of only wishing for change rather than taking action—any action—to elicit change in our world. The truth is there will always be more than enough resources in this world for everyone to have their share of happiness. The challenge from a Millennial perspective is acknowledging how the capital to purchase those changes must be acquired or earned. Now one can gather those resources in a number of ways from labor, to persuasion, and even include chance. I think the key message to be remembered here is that you do not have to be the one one to provide that capital alone. You merely have to be the one to encourage it to show up and join your mission to change the world. One must always take action—step by step—to improve his or her own life. One must also recognize that our strength is in inspiration. If you can inspire yourself to wage a war against your own difficulties then you can surely inspire others to share in your vision of a better future. This is the first step in acquiring capital. You must first inspire either yourself to labor harder and achieve what you have not yet accomplished or you must inspire others to join with you to finance and build a better future together.

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