Imagination is the power to create

Every great railroad, and every outstanding financial institution and every mammoth business enterprise, and every great invention, began in the imagination of some one person. — Napoleon Hill

The imagination is the stomping ground for all creation. It is within the mind that we have the power to build without limit, to challenge assumptions and to forge our future in minute detail before we even take our first step out of bed in the morning. If we’re not using our full mental capacities: imagination, dreaming, constructive self-dialogue and mindfulness we’re not using our resources effectively. A natural result will be the failure to give ourselves the best chance of developing a burning definite chief aim (goal) for our life.

If we fail to develop passionate goals we will lack initiative, willpower and the resilience necessary to continually pursue our ambitions in the face of hardship and failure until success is ultimately won. So imagination, our thoughts, are powerful tools which can either help to construct our future, when we use our energies for exploration, or they can hinder and even destroy our work, if we allow negative obsessions to overwhelm us, and prevent us from pursuing our goals. Our mind is our both our temple and our workhouse. It must always be organized, controlled and productive. Do not waste your energy filling it with useless facts, entertainment or idleness. Every moment is an opportunity to commit one thought, or one action, toward achieving your life’s goal.

  • How are you going to spend those minutes?
  • How does watching television build a better future and ensure you achieve your chief aim in life?
  • How does watching or reading the news ensure your life’s purpose will be fulfilled?

I believe that we face more obstacles today of distraction than any generation before us. I ask myself why I have not achieved what I claimed I desired. The answer is always because I chose not to invest my time wisely.

  • I watched Netflix when I should have been reading success and industry literature.
  • I was on Facebook when I should have been studying how to achieve more in my profession.
  • I was on Amazon when I should have been exercising to ensure I am the healthiest possible so I can achieve more with less energy.

At the end of the day, I have to acknowledge where I fell victim to bad habits and where I won building a stronger foundation for better ones. I have many failures each day, but each victory brings me a single step closer to my life’s purpose and removes a distraction that could hinder me tomorrow.

  • What can you do today to remove one distraction from your life?
  • How will use this newly gained time to begin to build a stronger foundation for your future?

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