Cooperation makes a difference

Success in this world is always a matter of individual effort, yet you will only be deceiving yourself if you believe that you can succeed without the cooperation of other people. — Napoleon Hill

The reality:

I never thought a lesson on cooperation would be needed in lesson on success. And yet, I’m also not surprised when others fail to understand the importance of this fundamental principle. We live in a selfie world. By that, I refer to the fact that we live evermore deeply in a self-centered world. The utmost importance is placed on personal gratification, satisfaction and the abdication of responsibility through the abandonment of self-control, self-sacrifice and self-improvement. As a culture we have somehow lost a portion of the character ethic in twenty first century. We no longer espouse the building of noble character or civic duty but praise the pursuit of power, fame and wealth with little care given to how someone rises in the world. Rather than building communities, we have tended to seek differences, to embrace alternative facts and to describe the “other side” as dangerous for their differences. We stopped looking for truth. We stopped looking for answers. We let others stoke fires and in the end our actions-unkind, callous and dishonest have become a civic responsibility against those “other” people.

The forgotten truth:

Success will come to those who try and keep on trying. At some point every means of how something cannot be done will be extinguished and there will remain only the answer which has eluded you. One person, given enough time, can build an entire home on his own. You will miss much, however, if you fail to ask yourself many questions.

  • Of what quality would this home be if built alone?
  • How much faster could the work be done if you were to bring in additional workers?
  • How much better would the quality become if you brought in a still more skilled workforce?

Though you can achieve a great deal in life on your own, one person with the right resources, skills and vision can achieve more. Cooperation is the benefit that come from the pooling of resources , skillsets and vision that allow a group to create what one man could not. If you fail to cooperate with your neighbors, coworkers, family, or spouse, be cognizant of the fact that you have the power to to change. Failure to change only assures you of a more difficult journey alone whereas with company all things become less burdensome.

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