When we find ourselves fighting with the world, stop….

Success in life, no matter what one may call success, is very largely a matter of adaptation to environment in such a manner that there is harmony between the individual and his environment. –N. Hill

When we find ourselves fighting with the world, stop; reassess and find another, less conflicted, path toward the endgame. You cannot live a joyful, empowered, and successful life if your daily agenda is beset with battles, conflicts, and pessimism. What you will instead experience is the dissatisfaction, distraction, and despair that comes when one merely exists. You end up living a life devoid of passion or purpose beyond the meager satisfaction of the primordial want for more—more wealth, more food, more sleep, more sex, a bigger house, a nicer car—this endless list knows no end when life is devoid of purpose.

We often seek to fill that void with objects of acquisition. The tragedy of the law of acquisition, when substituted for purpose, is found in the very nature of impermanence and limitation. You can never acquire enough, because each acquisition exponentially raises the bar for the next. If you can never acquire enough to achieve fulfillment, then you can never be satisfied when this law is the basis of your existence.

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