Your thoughts determine how well you succeed tomorrow

You will resemble, tomorrow, the DOMINATING THOUGHTS that you keep alive in your mind today! Plant in your mind the seed of DETERMINATION to whip your … Fears and the battle will have been half won then and there. Keep this intention in your mind and it will slowly push your … Enemies out of sight, as they exist nowhere except in your own mind. —N. Hill

Thoughts are powerful tools. Too often they are forgotten as a resource to be utilized in times of need. We often hear that words have power. They can inspire. They can enlighten. They can destroy.

We forget, however, that just as words can represent powerful symbols upon which we can call when we inscribe our messages on the wall, that thoughts can be symbols too. The power of the written word to inspire and connect communities has little to do with the written word itself. This power lies in what the words represent. Those representations, those symbols, live in our shared and sometimes unconscious traditions as thoughts and not merely empty words. What this means to the individual is that thoughts can be harnessed as a tool for self-improvement, motivation, understanding, and success. We can fill our minds with powerful thoughts of accomplishment and teach our minds to search for opportunities hidden around us.

I can use thoughts as symbols to visualize what I hope to achieve through my study of the Laws of Success and the Law of Attraction. What I have found is that when I remove my exposure to negativity in my life, my days become more meaningful. My work becomes less burdensome. My options even seem more varied. At the end of the day perception is reality for us all. What our customers, friends, and outsiders perceive is the reality they believe.

This credo can work for the individual as well. I started changing my perception of the world by removing my exposure to unhelpful influences.

  • I stopped watching, reading, or listening to the news. Let’s face it, there is no such thing as a good news story. It’s either gossip or tragedy.
  • I stopped reading social media posts on Facebook and Twitter. Come on, you know people are mean online and there is always someone who has something terrible to say.
  • I cut back on my television consumption. At some point I just came to a realization that there was absolutely no net benefit I was gaining from the shows I was consuming. That doesn’t mean I don’t love Bob’sBurgers or my I Love Lucy reruns. Now, I ask myself difficult questions. What could I be doing right now that would positively influence my day tomorrow rather than choosing to do nothing and watch this show?

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