A friend used to tell me that we tend to think of ourselves too fondly.

Don’t believe your situation is genuinely bad – no one can make you do that. Is there smoke in the house? If it’s not suffocating, I will stay indoors; if it proves too much, I’ll leave. Always remember – the door is open. -Epictetus

We will jealously seek affirmations and evidence of our worthiness from others while at the same time avoiding as much labor and toil as possible. Rather than accepting the challenge to build success from hardship, we often choose either to bemoan the world as if it offered us a stingy gift or we abandon responsibility and decision through distraction and inaction.

I have done both and my friend did not let me forget.

So, I changed.

We remain famous among the creatures of the earth for our ability to synthesize substance from nothing more than the depths of our mind. We can create fiction and relive pleasant memories with less effort than we exhort in experiencing our daily lives. It doesn’t matter what you call it —consciousness, psyche, soul, mind—the idea remains both strangely illusive in its many familiar names and yet somehow clear. You are of two worlds, and until you choose to live in both you will lack the vitality to excel in either.

Greatness is not found in accomplishment alone but in the struggle to achieve.

You are a both the architect of your thoughts and the enforcer of your will. Your creative self-awareness is what empowers you to create, plan, and design a successful future before an action is ever taken.These thoughts and ideas are the building blocks toward achievement. They become rich symbols that can aid and inspire us and are powerful tools if we learn to use them to our advantage.

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