Awareness brings opportunities to everyone’s door.

That is to say: the strong insistent desires of a person tend to attract to him those things which are closely related to such desires; and, at the same time, tend to attract him toward those related things. -R. Collier

Desire has often been described in terms of fire imagery in literature. That’s an important detail to ruminate upon because desire, when described by champions, is often referred to as a burning driver of success. Only when our desires are seen as such can we be sure we have the passion necessary to achieve greatness and break the bonds of mediocrity.

Now, Collier argues that our desires can become “positively” or “negatively” charged forces which have the power to both draw like-charged objects to the holder as well as guide the holder toward those objects. I have another suggestion.

Our self-awareness of our own personal desires, burning passions, and emotional states of mind allow us the opportunity to observe and recognize once hidden opportunities in our environment. When we train ourself to “look for the good” through all our hardships and trials—imagine this—we do just that! We actually look for something to be grateful for and—BAM!—we discover an opportunity because that’s what we were looking for.

There’s nothing magical about this process. It’s simply been misappropriated as a secret Law of Attraction. If we expect to see what’s wrong with the world, we will see just the misery. We’ll miss out on all the opportunities and chances we’re given to make lasting, positive change in the world.

Look for the good, insist on hope rather than despair, trust in kindness, and doubt all who rant or rave about what’s broken rather than what we can fix together. Do this and you too will soon see new opportunities greeting you at the door.

All I know is that it works for me.

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