Faith in the known “unknown”

All that you can do concerning each and every future experience is to “believe” certain things concerning it—and that “belief” is nothing else but Faith, interpreted more or less rationally and correctly. -R. Collier

Faith is a difficult construct for many of us. The word itself can have emotional connotations which either enrich or stigmatize the conversations which follow. Here’s what I came to realize today while reading the 12th chapter of The Secret of the Ages—that faith as a construct is about rational belief not superstition without reason. Now, I have to confess that’s a significant change for me. So let me share how I made the transition.

Reading Collier helped me recognize that I already have faith in a hundred different ways each day with no guarantee that my faith alone will see me through to a positive outcome. I have faith the sun will rise and fall each day, that the seasons will come and pass, that should disaster destroy my home the insurance company will replace it, and that the money in my bank account is guaranteed by the promise of the US government. Now, I have excellent reasons for believing in all these things. Our ability to reason has created rules and laws that have allowed us to predict the continuity of the sun, seasons, economies, and the stability of governments with remarkable accuracy.

In these situations, we do not claim to know what the future holds, but we can have rational confidence that a likely future is possible. That confidence of a “certain” future is a perfect example of our ability to accept with unquestioning faith examples of the unknown. No one can know with certainty what tomorrow will bring. Only our past is certain in this world. Tomorrow is still unwritten and unknown wherein anything could happen.

We all have faith. I just think sometimes we forget our own limited knowledge of the world. We’re so aware of how things have always been done that we now unconsciously accept the future as it “should be.” We forget sometimes that we’re creatures of faith and belief, and we base most of our decisions on our confidence that tomorrow will come in the ways we expect.

The challenge is to learn how to use that same type of unquestioning faith to create a better version of yourself. How can you develop this same level of confidence in your personal ability to change, grow, and accomplish great things?

Remember, without faith we will lack the enthusiasm and passion necessary to create our vision of tomorrow.

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