Time is an obstacle which can neither be rushed nor delayed.

One does not expect to conquer a flight of stairs in a single leap. So, why then would we expect immediate reward when we are but on the first step of our journey?

There’s a natural concept of cyclical time that the modern millennial mind tends to have a hard time understanding in our digital world of both instant gratification and immediate reward. Today, we expect everything to be available for our consumption at our leisure and convenience.

What this means is that we have lost touch with the concept of appreciating the natural systems of time-based rewards. We are no longer accustomed to investing, nurturing, and reaping benefit from the toil of our labor. Today, we labor and collect a paycheck with little connection to the cycles of natural reward systems.

In the past the farmer must clear a field, plant a crop, tend the field for months, harvest the produce when it is ripe, sell the crop at the season’s end, and finally restart the cycle.

What would you say to someone who decided to plant a field today so it could be harvested tomorrow and sell the results of the labor for a huge, life-changing profit?

When we invest in ourselves and make life-changing decisions about health, diet, career, spirituality, and finance, we too often forget that these are delayed, time-based rewards. We must invest in the difficult labor prior to receiving the desired benefit.

We cannot reap the benefits of what we did not sow and nurture.

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