Day 4

Man consists of body, mind, and imagination. His body is faulty, his mind untrustworthy, but his imagination has made him remarkable. —S. Maugham

Spring is a wonderful time of the year rich in symbolism and timely reminders. I choose to use the season as an apt reminder that, even from our bleakest moments in the winters of our lives, new life is just around the corner waiting to blossom if we will but patiently wait and tend our gardens.

Our lives are often like the bulbs of the hyacinth in the garden. We cannot be at our best every day of our lives. We also have seasons where our success, health, and passions wax and wane. I take comfort in the belief that despite what the world throws at me—no matter how buried I become in muck and mire of life’s misfortunes—that I will once again rise above it all and bask in the sunlight.

Our minds are the foundations of our success or failure. Remember that despite what the world throws upon you, like the bulb of a flower, you are designed to endure and rise above it. When the season comes, you will be ready to rise above your troubles. Use the winters of your life wisely and as a gift. They are a time to study, reflect, and prepare for the coming spring.

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