Day 6

When we live in the moment we give ourselves this remarkable opportunity to experience life without fear and hesitation.

It’s an experience few learn to take advantage of in adulthood. It’s easiest to appreciate when we watch the youngest children play without fear or foresight. They simply live in that joyful moment with no thoughts beyond the current game. So, the question for us becomes what would you lose if you also found time to become lost in the moment—in a game, on a lake, or resting on a park bench?

If you still need help recognizing the value of mindfulness, there’s no better role model for living in the moment than watching a dog at play. Though we have have little in common with the animal, we still recognize this primordial need to be free, to run, to play—to live without the pressures of our thoughts.

A sad truth of our time is that we often find more discomfort in life of our own making than what nature puts in our path. We all face obstacles in life, but it’s truly a shame when our own thoughts bring us anything but joy.

The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed head to the local park and watch the children and dogs at play. Visualize yourself in their place. Isn’t it true that no matter our stressors we could all still spare some time for play?

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