Day 7

In every field one can find a flower; sometimes, we just have to wait for the proper season.

I love this metaphor. I believe it captures a key element of the human condition. We’re all blades of grass in an endless field called Life. At times, we will feel unremarkable. We’ll be lost in this endless uniformity.

All fields look alike in the heat of the summer, but in the spring there are rare gems which will burst into bloom and change the composition of the entire field. These flowers represent our realized potential. They are the fulfillment of our journey toward greatness—to become more than just a blade of grass. We become bursts of inspiration in the fields of the human condition.

If you feel unnoticed, insignificant, or unsuccessful don’t worry. Continue your journey. Study the successful people around you. Work harder and longer than your co-workers. Search for kindness and share it more generously with others.

Before you know it, the season will have passed, and you’ll become the elusive wildflower in the field.

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