Day 8

Smile! You might as well look like you’re have fun!

Some days are going to be stressful, and there’s honestly no way you’re going to be able to ignore that reality. The solution is simple—just smile. If you can’t have true inner peace in these moments, at least you can appear resilient and still manage to inspire others.

The Pygmalion or Rosenthal effect is just one way to remind yourself that you ultimately become what you spend you’re time thinking about. When used to your advantage, it can be a powerful tool for personal growth.

When we project an image of ourselves to the world, we slowly become that image. If we project confidence, happiness, and fitness we become more confident, happy, and fit. Our personal awareness of what we project to others influences our actions until we become the manifestation of what we send out into the world.

But there’s always a dark side to every gift, and this one is no different. The opposite of the Rosenthal or Pygmalion effect is known as the golem effect. Sounds scary, right? If we focus our attention on what’s wrong in our world we can just as easily become manifestations of misfortune. If we project anger, frustration, and mistrust, we become angrier, more easily frustrated, and less trusting.

We always have a choice. We can actually choose how we perceive and interact with the world. We can either choose to project ourselves in ways which will strengthen and build our communities or we can project anger and frustration which can break or tear our communities apart.

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