Day 10

The important stories of our lives are not about what we experience. We are not meant to be record keepers of every pain, discomfort, and suffering we encounter. Our real stories are about how we choose to respond to our experiences. Did we own our response to circumstances or did we surrender to them?

At any point in your life you have the power to transform both yourself and the world through action. A garden doesn’t come into existence on its own. We can’t wait patiently and hope for a better day tomorrow. No matter how long you wait, a courtyard, a fountain, and a lake are not going to manifest themselves based on your hopes and dreams.

Now, if you get out on the field. If you pickup a spade, if you dig a hole, if you place a paving stone upon the ground, these are the actions you can make which will build a paradise from the vision in your mind. The photo above is but one example of this change. A paradise of your own making can arise just as it did from this prairie field which went unchanged for millennia before the first stone was set down.

Your actions can create anything you desire. All you have to do is make the decision to start working on your vision for tomorrow.

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