Day 11

Luck is chance, and most of us have an equal share of both good and bad luck. But many of us fail to enjoy the good luck that ought to be ours simply because we do not have the necessary positive persistence to carry us through the bad luck that happens to hit us first. —R. Collier

If a honey bee depended upon a single patch of clover to determine its success, there’d be no more bees. The bee moves from flower to flower, from field to field, and acre by acre looking for what it needs in order to have a successful day of labor.

You never see a honey bee give up. It never enters an empty flower already harvested by an earlier bee and fly home in defeat. Watch them closely next time. The bee moves to the next flower—the bee always moves to the next opportunity—until it has what it needs to take home.

If a bee understands the power of persistence why do we give up so easily? If we keep moving forward—going from flower to flower—at some point we’ll strike luck too!

What happens though when we give up? If we search a dozen flowers, interview at two dozen jobs, and complete a hundred job applications in our search for success and then just stop in defeat, all you have done is stop any chance luck had of presenting that golden opportunity just around the corner.

It’s not fun to work long hours searching for sustenance and affirmation and only being met with disappointment or rejection. The truth is, however, if you stop putting in the work you will never find the opportunity to succeed.

Opportunity always seems to lie in the distance, just past defeat, and never near where we thought we’d find it easily.

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