Day 12

While it’s true that every day is an opportunity to excel at your work, it’s just as important to also step back, relax, and enjoy the moment.

You should always make time to join in on the parade. Celebrate with friends, family, and the community whenever you can.

When you join communal celebrations you’re not only placing your own life into a fresh perspective, but you’re also giving yourself new experiences upon which to draw in the future.

New experiences are the food for innovation. These celebrations are rare opportunities to see the world and its manifold connections that often remain hidden from us as we focus too closely on our daily labor.

Don’t avoid distraction with the false expectation that you will be more productive if you avoid all festivities. I enjoy my best days and weeks after sharing in such wonderful celebrations.

These are beautiful opportunities which inspire me to live more richly, and they also recharge my enthusiasm to push harder each day. I can rise from the depths of monotony and experience weeks of renewed passion all by slowing down to enjoy the parade.

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