Day 14

“When it comes to photography and selfies it’s all about framing.”

That’s an important lesson we tend to overlook in our daily lives. When we take the time to frame the shot, everything seems to come out so crisp and clear. We actually can forget what the world really looks like outside of that tiny frame. We can end up ignoring the dump bin, graffiti, or litter just outside that frame.

The world’s always beautiful if you know where to look, but there’s always going to be something in your line of sight that’s not perfect, and that’s okay. Framing your world can help you become more focused on the positive influences in your life as long as you don’t surrender your ability to recognize the suffering and pain around you.

We must be careful to not lure ourselves into a false perception of our world based on what we want to see. Our role in this life is to create meaning and purpose through our interactions with the world and each other. We cannot do that work if we stop seeing the world as it is and the suffering of those around us.

Frame your world to create focus when you’re feeling overwhelmed, but never forget to pause and look around. Our world is rarely as perfect as our photo albums make it seem.

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