Day 15

“Appearances are always illusions. They represent what we expect to see rather than what exists.”

In a quiet cove on the Mexican shore I sat calmly observing the the rise and fall of the sea. The beach was smooth and the sounds serene, and there wasn’t another soul as far as I could see.

Some time passed as I reclined in peace, and I decided eventually to move on from my quiet seat. I reached down for my sandal upon the sand and saw a little pebble stand.

It rolled and glided almost skittishly across the ground, and I saw quite clearly now that I was never quite alone upon this or any other shore.

Within that cove I came to hear, and then slowly see, the birds, crabs, and schools of fish playing all around me.

Look closely now—there’s always more to see. Nothing is ever truly what it seems, and I have yet to find a place that did not have at least two to three of nature’s friends busily at work around me.

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