Day 16

“It’s a shame so many will give up on their pursuits before they had a chance to reap the benefits of the work they have begun. It’s like they planted a bromeliad and declared two weeks later that because there is still no bloom that all hope is lost and the plant is incapable of flowering. They’d be wrong. All in life requires but time, and it will come into being.”

We seem to often think that there is a magical prescription for success, happiness, and health. Though, before we even start to really look for the magic words and deeds to empower us, we give up in exasperation and declare “I’m past my prime” or “I’m too old for this!”

You’re not. You’re the perfect age for this endeavor. It’s like we somehow convinced ourselves we’re only capable of excellence once in a lifetime. How silly would it be if you actually lived you’re life in the same way you act toward your goals.

  • When you spill your coffee on the way to work, will you swear off coffee because you’re too old to drink your cup drip-free?
  • When you forget your friend’s birthday, will you give up friendships because you’re too old to remember those details anymore?
  • When you try a new restaurant or cuisine and end up with mild indigestion, do you refuse to eat any other foods or take-out ever again?
  • You don’t. At least most us will not. We simply pick ourselves up and carry on. We wipe the coffee from our sleeve.
  • We apologize to our friend for our forgetfulness.
  • We go out to eat again next week, though we may not order such a spicy dish.

The point is we’re remarkably capable of just moving on when we want to be reasonable. It’s only when it feels more difficult to carry on do we actually struggle.

So, here’s you’re magic formula. It’s always worked for me. There’s a power to belief, and when I have to motivate myself to endure against my desire to seek leisure I say aloud “Just once more.”

  • I’ll go for just one more walk around the park.
  • I’ll follow my diet for just one more day.
  • I’ll complete just one more set of pushups.

Can you see how the formula works?

If we try to rebuild our entire life, habits, muscles, and waistline all at once it seems overwhelming. However, if you can take just one step in the right direction you are on your way to a better tomorrow. “Just once more” empowers you to achieve your long-term desires by framing them in the short-term as discrete calls to action.

Each day, you get the chance to challenge yourself and win. You won’t change your world over night, but you will change your future at the end of the line.

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