Day 19

“One shared characteristic of the successful men and women in my life has been their ability to pause their great endeavors and seek periods of rest and revitalization when needed.”

The capacity to recognize your waning resilience is an essential skill one must develop and nurture. We all need time to recuperate and rest. If we fail to recognize the signs of our decreasing productivity we are destined to lead ourselves to disappointment.

We can change this reality by actively seeking comfort when exhaustion and stress creep into our work. We all need safe spaces in our lives where we can rest and recharge. We need to be able to escape our daily grind and enjoy a designated time of rejuvenation that is free from the everyday concerns we habitually tackle.

Your escape will be yours alone, and I’ve seen many unique examples serve the same purpose over the years.

  • Some will go to the gym to burn their stress away.
  • Others will visit a park or nature preserve in order to escape the urban influence.
  • A student may enter the quiet of a library.
  • Another person could enjoy the sauna and steam room of the the local spa.
  • An outdoors person could even go fishing or birdwatching.

The actual task doesn’t matter in the end.

The act of removing yourself purposefully from your environment in order to seek revitalization is the key factor that will determine its usefulness to you. If you use this time of escape to recharge your inner reserves of resilience, you’ll be miles ahead of your less fortunate peers who burn out on the highway to success.

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