Day 20

“Even the most peaceful of babbling brooks is home to more than one mosquito.”

I always thought it was important to remember that nothing in life is actually perfect.

  • It can be beautiful.
  • It can be wondrous.
  • It can be a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Life, though, is always multifaceted. It’s like a cut gemstone. You see it sparkle in the light, but when we look too closely we’re just as likely to actually have a flawed stone or a cubic zirconia instead.

Now, what’s important to me, however, is the recognition that the experience itself didn’t change. It still remains a beautiful, wondrous, and a one-of-a-kind memory. What changed was our projection of it. Unfortunately, we too often allow others to tell us what to believe, what to think, and how “how things really are.”

I reject that limitation. I look for reasons to smile, to love, to trust, and to give freely to others. Life is as an experience. If we close ourselves off in fear or disappointment, we only place limits what we can achieve.

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