Day 21

“We’d all do well to remember that not all situations can be solved by addressing the problem.”

Don’t let that mislead you. Just because the solution eludes you, it doesn’t mean that someone else can’t find a way around the problem and end up with the same desired result.

So, think in terms of results rather than problems. It’s a strange human phenomenon, but how we first approach and contemplate ideas, problems, or actions invariably creates permanent and limiting frameworks on how well we can view that object from an alternative perspective later on.

We tend to see the world in the same way we were taught to view and understand it. Appreciate that fact, and you’ll at least have a better chance of escaping the limitations of the framework your upbringing had on you.

No one ever escapes their past, but some do learn to accept, honor, and appreciate the moral and ethical values of others.

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