Day 22

“A bridge is a timely reminder that while we may delay in making any decision today, the river will always move on.”

The world will always move on with or without you. We all intuitively understand this natural truth. In the grand scheme of events in your life, your willing participation or abstinence from life means little.

When you approach a river you will of course have many choices, but symbolically we really only have three possible responses.

  • You can enter the river, risk drowning, and attempt to cross it.
  • You can watch the river and all of life pass you by.
  • You can walk alongside the river until you find a means to pass it by bridge or a narrowing of the stream.

There isn’t a master approach to life that will always work for you. Each day and every situation merits a unique response. We can, however, exercise caution and use good judgment.

Before we make a life changing decision we can reflect and ask ourselves three questions.

  • Is immediate action required? If so, then we may need to risk “drowning” and jump into the river. No action in a crisis is the only wrong decision in moments of great risk.
  • How much time is there available to observe conditions? If you have time, knowing whether there are crocodiles in the river or if the current is fast or slow can be crucial to making a wise decision.
  • Finally, what led us here—to this moment—this crossing in life? Is it possible that you’re only here because you followed the traffic? If so, then you may not even need to get to the other side. If you do, ask yourself how did you find yourself at this one point of a thousand different potential crossings? If you don’t have a good reason, why not explore other options?

Exploration leads to discovery. You never know what you may be missing out of in life.

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