Day 25

“There are times in our lives that we will find ourselves standing alone feeling as if we were abandoned on an island. That feeling is life—so, stop worrying.”

It’s important to remember that an essential piece of our nature is the cognitive solitude we experience even when we’re surrounded by family and friends. We’re all essentially alone with our thoughts in this world and surrounded by others who find themselves in the same condition.

The reality is that we’re in a paradoxical situation. Our dual nature makes us a cognitive, thinking creature and a social, interactive animal. There’s nothing wrong with that truth. While our thoughts and experiences are uniquely personal, we still find ourselves always attempting to share those experiences with others—to explain our perspective in words or actions.

So, while you might be standing alone at the moment, have courage. You still have the power to reconnect with those around you. It takes only one word or action to start building that bridge to the next island.

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