Day 27

“The fountain best represents mankind’s resilient nature to carry on and push through the day. It seems to flow eternally—its only limitation—the water that fills the basin.”

The same is true with us. We have this untapped potential—a reservoir of human resilience—through which we can achieve our most intrepid goals. Few of us ever embrace that eternal nature. We prematurely drain our fountains rather than keeping them well tended and in pristine order.

It reminds me of a runner just beginning to train for a race. He needs to run just ten minutes on the first day of his training, but he hasn’t run in ages. He’s nervous. He feels older, past his prime, but he makes the effort and begins the first run.

Then, he feels a discomfort in his leg—followed by a foot. Before you know it, he’s given up for the day at five minutes. He’s literally drained himself of his fortitude with nothing but thoughts of his own inadequacies.

But just because we drained the fountain today doesn’t mean we can’t replenish its waters tomorrow.

  • What will it take to give that first run a second try?
  • How can we learn to carry on through the discomfort today and continue to endure the growing pains until the race is completed?

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