Day 29

“Stop seeing obstacles as barriers placed in your path but as challenges you are meant to overcome.”

There’s a real truth in the saying “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

A few months ago I bought this wooden gate and barricade for my dog. It was just a minor barrier designed to keep him safe in his own room of the house far from potential dangers while I was away. He did very well with the new barricade. He really just ignored it, and every day when I came home to check on him, he was in his room well behaved.

Then, after three months of being faced with this great obstacle, he discovered he could merely push one end of the gate with his foot and it would move. And thus, he created an opening large enough for him to leave. I found him Monday sleeping on the couch when I came home.

So, I decided to bolt one side of the barricade to the wall so that it could not be moved. On the other side, I would use a chair to hold the other end of the gate against the wall and thus I planned to keep the dog in his room.

I came home Tuesday with the dog sleeping on the couch. He had spent his day pushing the chair away from the gate until he moved it just enough to open the gate and escape.

So, I decided to bolt the other end of the gate to the wall as well. Now, neither he nor I could move the barricade in either direction. It would become a permanent barrier I would have to step over for all of time.

I came home Wednesday and the dog had chewed a hole through the gate just large enough to escape. I have no doubt he also napped on the couch today, but he must have hurried back to his room before I could make it inside.

The lesson here is simple. Try and keep on trying, and you will surprise yourself on how easily you can overcome any obstacle in your path.

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