Day 30

“When we’re tired, we’re simply not going to perform our best work. So the question becomes —why do we allow ourselves to become exhausted or overworked?”

We live in a fortunate era. There is rarely a time in my life where I find myself under siege by others. More often, I find that I am the instigator of my own conditions—my own fortune and misfortune—my own exhaustion.

What does this mean to you?

I know each night before I lie down to sleep that there are only 24 hours in the coming day. And yet, somehow, I can still find a million ways to waste time when that day arrives—to sleep a little longer, to watch TV, or to peruse social media.

Then, as if it’s a daily epiphany, I would suddenly realize how much work I have left to accomplish that night, and I would race against the clock to throw together what could still be done. In the end, I was tired and worn to exhaustion. But the truth is, I was just as likely to do it all again tomorrow.

It doesn’t matter the task, the fact remains that I always seemed to find myself wasting, delaying, and procrastinating to an extreme against the ambition to live a more productive, purpose-driven life.

So, I ask you—

  • Why is it that we struggle?
  • How is it that we find it so easy to delay work even when it is to our detriment?
  • Do you manage your day or are you allowing the activities of the day to decide how your time is spent?

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