Day 31

“It’s only when we stop moving that you end up going nowhere.”

Sometimes we just have a bad day. Nothing will seem to go right, and every action we take ends up just making the mess more tangled.

That’s okay.

Just recognize the discomfort and pain in this moment and look for the inspiration or motivation to stand tall and carry on.

As long as we keep moving, kicking and screaming “We can do this!”, we’re going somewhere. That movement is what makes the difference. You’ll never be given the opportunity to fix a problem if you never take that first step toward a solution.

Remember that. Every day is an opportunity to try again—to carry on—seizing the day and dancing alongside it.

  • How do you respond when your day doesn’t go as planned?
  • What steps can you take to ensure your responses encourage finding a solution instead of just complaining about the problem?

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