Day 33

“There’s a danger inherent in any philosophy. When we provide an answer, we risk stopping to look for new questions.”

It’s important to remember that when we seek little sparks of inspiration in life that we do more than take another’s words as absolute truth. If we accept words and another’s philosophy without questions we have not become inspired but misled—hypnotized really—by the rhythm of the words and our personal desire for meaning.

Don’t allow yourself to trust too easily.

  • Trust, but verify.

A great philosophy—an approach to life that will give you absolute meaning and purpose—will ask you to buy nothing. It is always given away freely as words, deeds and kindness. By the same principle, it will ask you to take nothing from others.

  • If someone must lose for you to win, then what you have is a war and not a life of meaningful purpose.
  • If someone must sell you a course, a book or a video before giving you the secrets of his or her success, then what you have is a product—not a philosophy of truthfulness and purpose, but an economic sale to earn someone money at the cost of your purchase.

I’m not saying you can’t buy a book from a favorite influencer, but I am challenging you to really ask what you’re buying and why is the author selling it?

  • Ideas have always been free. What you’re buying is the packaging. Understand that first, and then decide if you’re willing to support the author and the causes he or she supports with your purchase.

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