Day 35

“We are more often simply afraid rather than actually hurt, because we tend to suffer from our own imagination rather than from what ails us.”

Fear is an element of human nature that appears inescapable to most. While there is nothing wrong with being afraid, I know I would prefer to avoid it.

Fear seems to rely on the belief that something can be taken from you. Life, liberty, and even the ability to pursue happiness can all be wrested from your grasp.

  • So, is that what we fear?
  • Do we fear the loss of control?
  • Or do we only fear the loss of opportunity?
  • How is it then that we fear tomorrow?

Tomorrow has not yet come. It’s a fiction of what we imagine the world will be, and yet we can fear that fiction more than the reality of today. It seems such a waste of imaginative effort to build a world of fear.

  • If we can imagine a world of things to fear, how can it be more difficult to imagine a world of promise?
  • What changes then when we spend our days building possibilities of triumph rather than defeat?

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