Day 37

“The sad truth is that there will be plenty of times in your life where no one is going to step up, own and fix the problem. Though it may not have been your fault, it will always become your problem. That’s okay—when you fix it, everyone will notice.”

You’re going to have to accept the fact that to be great in life means you’re going to have to work harder than everyone else. More often than not, this means you bite the bullet and do the work yourself.

Remember, in the end it is only the results that really matter. You always have a choice to be part of the solution or an additional burden to others by not doing your part to make the situation right.

Many people will choose to do nothing. They will blame others for their failures and inability to plan. That’s still okay—everyone knows the unspoken truth about these players.

Your peers, supervisors and community will respect you more if you stay strong, kind, and solution-minded. Don’t point out the faults in the problem people around you. Point out fixes and offer to help. The offer to assist is what separates an honest leader from the crowd.

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