Day 39

“Your success is limited only by your decision to either labor earnestly with passion or to seek momentary comfort in inaction, procrastination and escape.”

Overcoming inaction is one of the most difficult feats we face in our lives. We are living in the best of ages yet to come so it is little wonder that we find the battle of our will against the enemy of inertia so formidable.

When we’re comfortable we tend to do nothing—we prefer to remain unchanged. Strangely, though, we often—very audibly even—ask for Fortune to give us more while we offer to do only the minimum to survive another day.

Though we love to believe that all we need to do is wait for our lucky break and a financial windfall will be ours, that’s not how you build success or a future. You can’t build a future on waiting. You have nothing upon which to build if all you do is wait for Fortune to find you.

You can, however, build fortune through action, passion and ceaseless effort to seek new ways to improve, simplify and magnify the value others seek in their lives.

Nothing worth having is easy to obtain.

So, the question really becomes—

  • What are you willing to sacrifice every day of your life to reach your dream?

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