Day 40

“If you don’t take the time to discover which hobbies and causes you can be passionate about, what chance do you have of finding fulfilling work?”

If you don’t enjoy the physical work or career you find yourself in, you can still improve your job satisfaction by reframing your work priorities.

When you can’t find pleasure and meaning in the actual work you perform, find value in your relationships with your co-workers. Appreciate how your contributions to the work and the support of your co-workers leads to a more successful and productive company.

You will find few people who truly thrive in careers due to their specialized knowledge and skills alone. Those workers who really excel at relationship-building are the unsung heroes of the workplace because they develop, sustain and engage all the talent within their circle of influence and focus everyone on common goals by redefining success as a shared team effort.

So, if you’re not passionate about your physical work, what’s holding you back from being engaged and involved in supporting the work your peers are doing?

  • Are you able to find passion in your role as an unofficial supporter?
  • What’s holding you back from helping other people to be more successful in their work?
  • Why can’t you be a unofficial mentor, supporter, coach, teacher or trainer to your team members?

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