Day 42

“A wise man makes his own decisions. A foolish man follows public opinion.” —Proverb

Learn to prefer self-awareness before courting public opinion, and you’ll soon be a rare source of inspiration to others.

If you teach yourself to seek the other person’s truth, you’ll likely discover that the root cause of many problems has little to do with the person blamed and everything to do with how the community invests in education and problem prevention.

  • Have you noticed when we absolve ourselves of the responsibility to share our wisdom with youth and our experience with the inexperienced, we never cease to find error and bias?
  • If we are not born able to discern the mysteries of speech on our own, why would we expect others to spontaneously master Reason, Logic and Ethics without assistance?
  • Who taught you these things?

Only after they are taught and understood can be practiced.

  • So, why do we so often fail to invest in educating our community in these essential skills?

Be careful to not let others—politicians, authors, ministers, teachers or managers define what the problems are in your life.

  • What guarantee do you have that they’re right?

Instead, do your own review of the pain points in your life, and work with all your neighbors to solve them one block at a time.

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