Day 44

“Lasting happiness cannot be found in pursuit of any goal or achievement. It does not reside in fortune or fame. It resides in human mind and heart.”—The Book of Joy

Make no mistake, you will not find purpose or lasting happiness in the pursuit of objects.

Our world is truly focused on acquiring—owning—everything in sight. We forget that you cannot purchase or obtain happiness as if it were a golden ring for sale. You cannot buy purpose either.

Neither is attainable whilst one insists on pursuing objects in life instead of the passions of life.

Ask yourself some hard questions.

  • If you knew today that in the future, despite all your sacrifices, you would never own all the objects or obtain all the benefits that money is supposed to buy—a house, a car, fancy clothes, new everything, a fancy education from a famous school, etc., would you still be happy and purpose-driven with all the effort you’ve thrown towards achieving those objects now exposed as nothing more than a waste of your time?
  • If you knew you would never be allowed to purchase the objects of your ultimate desires what would you use your time to pursue instead?
  • Now, which course of action seems most likely to lead to a happy, purposeful life?
  • Why won’t you try it?

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