Day 47

“Mindfulness recognizes that the greatest moments in our lives have not passed us by and are not yet to come—they’re with us all the time, if we’ll simply take the time to appreciate them.”

Slow down your rushed mornings.

  • No more running out the door.
  • No more drive-through coffee orders because you’re running late again.

Create mindfulness practices which will aid you in creating value in every part of your life. Creating a simple ritual of brewing a cup of coffee or tea can reframe your entire day. By slowing down and making time to both create and thoughtfully enjoy a hot beverage you practice mindfulness in its simplest form.

This first step to your day establishes both the energy and form through which you can enjoy a more rewarding and productive day.

  • Abandon your addiction to chronic urgency.

The world will still be here in an hour, so start your day thoughtfully with a slow-brewed cup of coffee and push that false sense of chronic urgency to the side. Mindfulness, thoroughness and thoughtfulness lead to wiser decisions anyway.

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