Day 49

“When a rose dies, a thorn is left behind.”—Ovid

We tend to think of a rose as a flower, but it’s important to remember that the rose bloom is fleeting. It comes and goes in a single season, but the thorn remains unchanged.

Can the same be said of your legacy—the memories and challenges you’ll leave for your loved ones, family, friends and community to thoughtfully reminisce upon after your passing? In life, we’re like this rose. There will be tears and lamentation at the loss of such beauty but we will mournfully move on.

What if your legacy was different? What if the thoughts and values you left in the hearts of your friends were like cautionary thorns?

These little thoughtful pricks would remind others to live more fully, to be ever mindful and to love unceasingly. If you take the time to teach others how to live a value-driven life, then you prepare them to sting and burn at the sight of pain, intolerance and inequality around them.

  • What thorns will you leave behind?

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