Day 53

“I find the most rewarding paths to take in life are the ones hidden from sight and hard to find.”

Despite how others may judge you, remember your life is yours alone. You have a responsibility to find both joy and purpose.

If you’re doing no harm, then there’s no need to spend your precious time with thoughts of doubt or guilt. Search for love, kindness and understanding in your life, and others will find it that much harder to hold their own opinions against you.

We live in a world of choice. We can all choose to live together and respect the lives, decisions and beliefs of others.

I’ve heard it said the purpose of life is to find joy and happiness. But what happens when do you find a moment of delight?

  • A birthday cake and a surprise party cannot last forever.

So, I heard the reply—the purpose of life is to live joyfully.

  • Be mindful of each moment, and take the hardships and blessings you find with equal lovingkindness.

Joy is a manifestation of purposeful living. We can choose to live with joy, to find it around us, and to create it in every moment until all we can see are the hidden blessings that surround us.

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