Day 54

“There really is no shortcut to success. It’s takes constant work and repetition to build the skills necessary to earn the life you desire.”

It is only with hard work that greatness can be achieved. Too often we look at those around us and envy their possessions, fortune and fame. The truth is that we’re being unfair if we do so.

What we desire is the fruit of other’s personal or familial labor. We seem to forget to recognize that particular key to success. Success—in whatever form it takes for you—can only be achieved with labor.

  • We can dream of having the fortunes of others all day long.
  • We can want to win the lottery to make everything right.
  • We can envision the great deeds and generous donations we would make to all the charities we adore.

When we do those things, we missed the point. We spent all our energy dreaming but never planning. We will spend all our time imagining how we would spend uncollected fortunes, but we will never plan a way to make that fortune.

For some reason, too many of us just hope that the our lottery ticket will win or that a windfall will come our way. I find that discouraging.

Desire, if not used to motivate you to accomplish what you want, is more often a detriment to your success than an aid.

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