Day 57

“On even the darkest days the birds still sing and the flowers still bloom.”

So, if the world keeps carrying on, why is it that we think the world is out to get us? Do we really think we understand the laws of nature better than the reality around us?

  • Some days are hard.
  • Some days are rough.
  • Some days you just can’t seem to win.

That’s life. Nature is optimized to ensure the best possible solutions for everyone, not just you. That means while you’re day may be terrible—the world is just fine.

A flat tire, a speeding ticket, the flu, and a pink slip are all just events in your life. These events are insignificant to nature in the grand scheme of the cosmos, but to you they seem all-important.

You must unlearn this self-centered approach to life. It’s disadvantageous to your wellbeing because it encourages you to bemoan hardship rather than shrug it off.

“Life sucks. Then you die. Get over it.” —L. Trumble

I’m not quite as harsh in my own words, but Trumble is right. Life is hard. Don’t complain about your experiences—overcome them, because before you know it, life will be over. Make choices that encourage your growth, development and success now. We never know when when our time will be up.

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