Day 58

“One day of neglect is the first sign of the beginning of a lifetime of failure.”

We have to be mindful in life of the choices we make. When we give in to our desire for comfort and convenience we are making a definitive choice to neglect responsibility. All the great rewards in life require dedication and hard labor. There are no exceptions.

The danger when we neglect our responsibilities lies in the law of consequential returns. When we make a decision or an exception to not to live up to the highest standards—even if only for a single day—we begin to build a life based on convenience.

Each decision we make in life is like tending the lawn of a great garden. When we make responsible decisions to build our success—like working out or researching an assignment—it’s like mowing the garden’s lawn, and thus, you keep everything in your life well-tended and easily accessible. It’s a great position destined to make your life more productive.

Now, let’s say you decide to skip this weekend on mowing the garden. Then, you’re called out of town or maybe it rains the following week. Before you know it, you have a field where a garden once stood. The benches are now hidden in the grass. The rose bushes spread into the weeds, and your life has gotten more difficult. What would have taken you an hour to mow, will now take you an entire weekend. Some will just give up on the garden at this point.

That’s the risk you take when you choose convenience. You set the expectation that at some point success is not worth pursuing.

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