Day 62

“The universe seldom give us everything we want, but it always provides a means to get what we need.”

You don’t always have a choice of where you start in life. Sometimes you get a second chance, often you won’t. In many ways, you’re simply a garden seed thrown upon a patch of soil and left to grow or wither at your own leisure.

Nature isn’t all that concerned with the individual. You’re one of many, and therefore nature spends its time making life better for the many—evolving resistance to disease for example, but not planning you a happy life of pleasure.

You of course have the choice to lie down and wait for the good things to come your way—but they won’t. You could also recognize that there is no grand universal agenda holding you back—that’s a start.

Well, there is one agenda holding you back—but’s that’s you. It’s your prerogative to decide how you wish to frame your life. Are you a victim or a warrior? Are you resilient enough to own your life and pilot your way through the rough and stormy seas?

So, that’s where you are today. You’re in a sea of possibilities. For many of you there is a tempest brewing and your life is on the edge of despair. What are you going to do? Your life is in danger of falling apart.

  • Do you remain motionless in the storm and hope for the best?
  • Do you prepare for the storm to get worse and adjust your heading as to avoid some likely danger ahead?
  • Do you abandon ship, friends and family and hope things are better in the sea alone?

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