Day 63

“When you look to nature you never find perfection. You find beauty. You find organization. You find purpose.”

You must stop looking for perfection in your life. You’ll just end up wasting time chasing an impossible dream.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek excellence. Push yourself and others to perform better, stronger, more amazing feats, but recognize that excellence is what you are seeking and not perfection.

Excellence is about overcoming obstacles by creating systems of success.

When we focus on perfection as our goal, we can only be disappointed and fail in our endeavors. This is because perfection can only be achieved in the imaginative minds of men and women and not in our waking world. So, stop setting yourself up for failure.

Try searching for purpose instead, and use that to drive your performance to new levels of excellence. Don’t forget, all good systems of success are based on a solid foundation of good habits.

  • What’s one habit you can’t commit to accomplishing?
  • What is the driving force behind your desire to change or grow?

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