Day 64

“Give to the one who begs from you, and do not refuse the one who would borrow from you.” —Matthew 5:42

A man came to me today and asked for help.

  • I did not fear him.
  • I did not judge him.
  • I blessed him.
  • I gave freely.

The world is only as treacherous or as sad as we choose to make it. Just as we can make our own lives more difficult through poor decisions and bountiful with wise decisions, we have the same power to do so for others.

Leave judgments of all kinds behind. It matters not how well you can debate or reason anyway. You cannot change the mind of a person who does not desire change. It is better then to be silent and hold your tongue.

So, people remain the same until they are finally ready and willing to question everything around them. Harbor no resentment. Treat them with kindness and always better than they treat you.

  • Do not give with the hope to change the world—it will always be as it is— full of fortune and misfortune.
  • Do not give to feel better about yourself. You cannot purchase a lasting purpose.
  • Do not give in the hope of recognition. You cannot buy admiration—you can only inspire it.
  • In all ways, I say give to relieve suffering. That is enough.

It’s not a responsibility of ours to determine who deserves favor. Generosity is a gift you can give to whoever you please. But it is a gift, and the greatest acts of kindness are given in unexpected and compassionate ways.

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