There is no point worrying about those things you cannot change.

Remember, your day will largely be controlled by matters which are beyond your control and will be left in the hands of nature. The weather, the traffic and the prices in the market are beyond your control and are more akin to the ebbing tide. So, just as you would not let the rising tide disturb your peace of mind, you must learn to treat other matters in the same way.

Control what you can in this life—namely, your reactions to these external events.

All things in life are bound in limitations. We cannot be otherwise. So, why then do we expect the unreasonable? We are neither limitless nor minute.

We must be patient with ourselves and take but one action—one step—at a time. We should not spend our time in dreams or in fearing tomorrow. Focus instead on the present day you are given.

Do not expect fortune to favor you. Rather, use each day fully and be engaged as soon as it begins until it closes. Ask yourself: what did I build today and where did I squander my time?

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