Some suggest that one cannot have too much of the good things in life. I think We all know this to be untrue from our own experiences.

  • Too much food makes us fat.
  • Too much leisure makes us lazy.
  • The truth is that a life absent any difficulty allows you no opportunity to ever become more than the flesh that walks the earth.
  • Hardship builds both our physical and mental endurance. It is that mental stimulation which provides the quintessential value of the human condition.
  • We must learn to build our lives to seek out challenges to overcome—this choice to seek out hardships will differentiate us from everything else.
  • I think in the grand scheme of things we also too often find ourselves with too much time on our hands. I find myself making excuses for not accomplishing more in my day—or life. The fault, however, is always my own.

    I become stuck in the doldrums of inaction and rather than lighting a fire in my spirit to motivate me to achieve more, I lie inert and simply let the day pass on by.

    How strange it is that we declare that we want changes in our world, but we never make the effort to bring anything new about.

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