There are lessons to be learned from even the most unlikely sources—your enemies, the opposition, strangers, and even the hateful, absurd characters you will inevitably encounter.

We can learn patience when facing those who refuse to use their reason. Take care, however, that you too do not become one of these foolish spectacles.

We can learn temperance and moderation by not allowing the antagonization by others to influence us to act in a harmful or hasty manner.

If a person has the power to disrupt your peace of mind, learn quickly how to find your way to a centrist path where you both can live with little conflict.

If the universe is designed to teach us lessons, then foremost of those teachings would be the value of patience. With enough time passed all can be forgotten.

This works to guide us to build our lives strategically and to ensure we do not waste our finite resources needlessly.

We will all face obstacles in our lives we would rather avoid. Remember, it’s not possible to avoid the grasp time.

Rather than fear sickness, age, poverty or conflict, we can better use each moment we are given to plan, build and sustain the governing our lives.

If we plan well, we can reduce much of the pain we expect to experience in life.

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