“Believing that we will be scorned by others unless we destroy every enemy we meet is characteristic of extremely ignoble and mindless men.” – Musonius Rufus, Sayings 41, from Stobaeus

A key lesson in life, perhaps lost in an age of social media furor, remains to take diligent care to not become mindless for the sake of other’s praise or fear of their disapproval.

Don’t be quick to anger. Don’t condone it. Don’t spread it. Anger is a sign of weakness. You will only demonstrate to the world how little control you have over yourself.

When you are confronted by anger in others, accept it as you would the wailing of a stubborn child or the cry of a lonely dog. Ignore it as best you can and move on. Never give in to anger. There’s no profit in it. What do you benefit by engaging in confrontation? There’s rarely a prize worth more than pride, and pride is a weakness for most and a vanity for us all.

Neither should we rely on the opinions of others. No one has the power to dictate truth for you. It is your duty to explore and come to terms with the world on your own.

You have a mind. Use it. When in doubt, ask yourself: Who does this opinion benefit ? Who does it harm? If we both can do as we please, and no one is harmed, why do I care what you believe?

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