Jan. 1 – is just an arbitrary date, yet we choose it to start anew.

This bridge flooded on New Year’s Day. So it’s an apt reminder that’s there’s always more than one path to where you’re going if you’re willing to look.

“…self awareness is so key to initial success. You have to know who you are, what you value, what your strengths and weaknesses are, and where you want to go.” -B. Burchard, High Performance Habits

When it comes to fulfilling our goals in this life we can actually rely on a single indicator to keep us informed on our progress or derailment.

What’s truly amazing is that we tend to never pay attention to the obvious cues around us and instead focus on the “dream” rather than the journey and the thousand steps we must take to make it to our destination successfully.

Clarity is the key indicator we can use to distinguish the ephemeral “dream” from a well-planned goal. Dreams, after all, are a quickly fading image of a final destination in an unknown land. You may know what you want, but often all the other details are left unanswered. In this way, you’re left not knowing how you’re going to make it to that far off dreamland.

Just having a image of what you’re longing for isn’t enough to help you accomplish it.

You could keep a photo of a mansion in your pocket every day, but the image does not help you buy that mansion. An image alone doesn’t even tell you where the property is located so you can call an inquire on its price.

Images are not enough, and that’s why dreams alone will not bring you the success or fulfillment you seek.

Clarity is about being open, honest and clear with yourself and others about who you are, what you want to accomplish or achieve, and most importantly how you are going to take the steps necessary to make it to your goal.

You better reflect and figure out what steps, sacrifices and pain you’re going to have to endure in order to win. You can’t leave a gap in any of your plans and just hope that a door will open or that someone will help you along the way.

You must have a thorough plan with the detailed steps that you’re going to take each day to get you where you want to go. If fortune favors you and an opportunity arises that allows you to skip ahead on your journey—congratulations! Go right ahead and take the help extended. Regardless, plan to do it all on your own.

Fortune favors few.

Your duty is to plan several paths to your goal. In this way, when a door closes you’ll still have more than one option to follow without giving up. Don’t count count on anything but the certainty that all things change in this life and everything is therefore unknowable in most ways.

Be clear on what you want and clearer still on how you will achieve it.

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